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Improve. Achieve. Grow.

Introducing Operations Management as a Service. 

At Specifi VA, our OMaaS concept provides exceptional support for client-facing

customer-centric environments, with unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.

We can work with you for as long as you need us, with flexible arrangements tailored to your requirements.

Our support and management level remote Associates will embed seamlessly in your environment, taking on your day to day activities and running your business - as - usual operations to deliver an efficient unified solution to optimise your output.

Our executive- level remote Consultants are highly skilled with diverse specialisms to provide strategic direction and implementation to drive up productivity for your business, pushing the limits of the scope of remote support.


Our consultants can advise and support our client's high - level strategic objectives, organisational restructuring, process design and development leading up to delivery.

Scale up your business. Streamline your operations. Raise standards.

For comprehensive support for your small business, when and how you need it, contact us today.

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